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Mystery High Cholesterol

While constantly looking after us and not getting restored, our livers get beaten down. One casualty is cholesterol regulation. The liver’s extraordinary chemical function of producing what’s called good (HDL) cholesterol starts to wane. As the organ becomes overburdened by fat, whether from beneficial or taxing, unhealthy sources, it can’t keep its production lines open for good cholesterol anymore. Nor can it manage what’s called bad (LDL) cholesterol.

When we choose foods that have the makings of good cholesterol, the liver stores away those components, knowing we will likely again choose high-fat foods that tax it and break down its core good cholesterol chemical functions, allowing bad cholesterol to rise. When we consume bad cholesterol, our livers first try to neutralize it, though not eliminate it altogether, because that bad cholesterol in the bloodstream isn’t causing harm as long as it’s free-floating; it’s not the maker of heart disease. But if there’s an overabundance, the liver also stores some in containment units in the hopes that it will get the chance to detox it out of the body.

If the liver becomes heavily burdened by toxins, viruses, and/or bacteria, it can’t release these deposits of bad cholesterol. Instead, these cholesterol deposits join with any other fat cell deposits in and around the liver. These are fat deposits that come from a diet high in fat (which is the same as a high protein diet)—whether good or bad fats. If someone has a pre-fatty liver with lots of toxins and pathogens that have been building in it over time, regardless of that person’s weight, the liver will reach a point where it can’t store cholesterol and other fat  anymore, and it can’t produce good cholesterol in the first place. This will keep the excess bad cholesterol floating through the bloodstream, un-neutralized and unorganized. Eventually, it will end up lining places like the heart and arteries, causing the problems we associate with high cholesterol.

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