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There are many different causes of insomnia and troubled sleep, which is why I devoted five chapters to the secrets of sleep in my book Thyroid Healing. What’s important for you to know here is that the majority of sleep disturbances and insomnia are from dirty blood syndrome. A few different aspects of dirty blood syndrome affect sleep. For one, there are the poisons present in it. As the blood fills with runoff from toxic heavy metals oxidizing in your system, virus pollution (by which I mean its waste matter such as byproduct and neurotoxins), pesticides, and other chemicals from the troublemakers list, the brain gets saturated with it—and the brain is essential to a peaceful night’s rest. 

Then there’s the liver itself. Like the fine tuned machine that it is, when it’s not firing on all cylinders or functioning at optimum level, it tends to shake, rumble, and roar. In the middle of every night, your liver wakes up, usually crankily, to start working for you, so that in the morning you can cleanse what it’s collected through your urine or bowel movements. As your liver begins to fire up to perform this job, it can go into a subtle spasm because of all the toxic matter it has to deal with, both from within itself and from the dirty blood flowing back into it. That spasm can even squeeze some of the poisons it contains back into your blood in unpackaged form, making it dirtier. While it’s not a spasm you can feel, the liver’s bubble and squeak creates enough of a disturbance in the body that it can wake you up in the wee hours. Add in the brain disturbances from the toxic matter in the blood, some liver inflammation, some anxiety and hidden posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from not sleeping well in the past, and maybe a partner snoring beside you or noises outside, and you’ll get a good case of insomnia cooking. Tend to your liver, get hydrated, and take dirty blood syndrome out of the recipe and you’ll have a fighting chance of sleep.

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