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How thick is your blood? The thickness of your blood makes or breaks whether you develop a fatty (or pre-fatty) liver. What that thickness is harboring determines how fast you’ll develop fatty liver.

The thicker the blood, the less oxygen can reside in it. The less oxygen in the blood that goes to the liver, the more trouble the liver has breathing. Yes, your liver breathes. If the thickness of the blood holds a host of toxic particles, it will make the liver’s breathing even harder. As a result, its life force will weaken. 

Less oxygen makes such a big difference to the liver because the river of blood that enters the liver from the digestive system is already lower in oxygen to begin with. The blood entering through the hepatic portal vein is in need of filtering and processing, because it’s full of toxins, pathogens, pharmaceuticals, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, other phytochemicals and nutrients, fats, and more. For many people, the amount of toxins coming in is high, which makes the liver’s job harder. Often, too, the ratio of nutrients is low. These two factors are manageable, however, if the blood is thin enough. 

Fat thickens the blood enough on its own, resulting in lower water content, at which point someone can become chronically dehydrated for many years, which thickens the blood even more. Taking on fats due to a high blood-fat ratio for years, the liver weakens further, unable to disperse and eliminate fats as it should, and as that happens it becomes sluggish and starts to break down. Its ability to draw nutrients out of the blood becomes compromised, and many of these vital nutrients can end up trapped in the fat cells, inaccessible. Toxins, too, become harder for the liver to collect and process out, so many of them get lodged in the fat stored in and around the liver, along with those nutrients. The liver slowly becomes imprisoned by fat, developing into a pre-fatty and then a fatty liver. 

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