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Dirty Blood Syndrome

Almost everyone on the planet is mildly to chronically dehydrated throughout childhood and adult life. For many of us, over time, our liver cells adapt to never getting proper hydration. Through a miraculous, unknown chemical function that I call the camel effect, our livers are able to keep the rest of our bodies hydrated in the long term, but it’s not perfect hydration. 

When you take in liquids from soda or coffee or black tea or other dehydrating sources, your liver releases some of the stored and highly concentrated bioactive water molecules (that I explain in Liver Rescue) so that they touch the inactive water’s contaminated, over-filtered, or otherwise dead molecules, using the inactive molecules to expand the active, concentrated ones and pass along information, in the process transforming the inactive water into a vibrant, activated, living source. This transformed water can then do its good throughout your body, hydrating other organs such as your heart and brain. You’ve been relying on the camel effect for ages without knowing it.

At a certain point, when the liver gets sluggish, weakened, or otherwise compromised and pushed for too many years with too little hydration, its ability to adapt and protect us with this unknown chemical function diminishes. The liver becomes so stagnant that poisons back up into the bloodstream and lymphatic system— and this is an equation for what I call dirty blood syndrome.

Our blood is a river you certainly wouldn’t want to drink out of—unless you cleaned it up and made it truly safe. When you’re dehydrated, you have dirtier blood, bottom line. And you don’t want dirty blood. Thick and filled with an abundance of toxins and other troublemakers, it leads to the symptoms and conditions described in this chapter, as well as to symptoms and conditions with dedicated chapters later in Parts II and III. It all depends on which type of dirty blood you have.

Excerpts from Liver Rescue by Anthony William, Chapter 19. Read the full explanation and get your copy today at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, The Book Depository, and anywhere books are sold.


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