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Diabetes and Blood Sugar Imbalance

Diabetes begins as a liver problem in a very early stage: a sluggish, stagnant, or pre-fatty liver undetectable by medical testing. The liver’s glucose storage is a huge piece of preventing diabetes. Our livers take glucose from the food we eat and store some of it at the ready. It stores the rest of the extra glucose as glycogen, a pasty, thick, dense carbohydrate that turns back into glucose when the liver activates it with precious concentrated water molecules and a chemical compound it produces to bring glycogen back to life. The liver stores this precious glucose and glycogen to make sure we don’t get diabetes. 


If the liver weakens because of high-fat foods, pathogenic activity, toxic heavy metals, or other poisons, it can’t store glucose and glycogen like it used to. Imbalance of blood sugar begins with your liver losing its sugar supply. Beaten down and out of balance, your liver’s reserves will drop until it doesn’t have enough glucose and glycogen to protect your pancreas anymore. Without the liver offering glucose between meals to keep the blood stable, the pancreas loses its stability, forced to fluctuate to highs and lows in its insulin production. Those highs happen when the pancreas sends out insulin to seek out every morsel of sugar it can to push it into cells of the body. Elevated fats in the bloodstream make this job much harder if not impossible. As a result, the pancreas weakens, insulin production lessens, and insulin resistance hits a crisis point. Blood sugar will become unstable. That’s when hypoglycemia can occur, or when your doctor will observe A1C levels off the charts and label you with prediabetes.


Type 1 diabetes occurs from injury to the pancreas. That injury can come from food poisoning, a viral infection, a bacterial infection, a toxin, or even a physical blow to the gland. The true cause of type 1.5 diabetes is the same as type 1’s, this time with the pancreas injury coming later in life than with juvenile diabetes. 

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