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A common cause of constipation is the intestinal tract narrowing and expanding in different areas due to inflammation brought on by pathogens getting to feast on their favorite fuel. Pathogenic fuel includes items such as wheat gluten, eggs, and dairy products, as well as other foods we’ve ingested that weren’t broken down well enough before reaching the intestines. 


When inflammation of the intestinal tract occurs, peristaltic action weakens and constipation can begin. A sluggish liver that’s producing less bile and becoming fatty and overburdened can also release viral casings, jelly-like film, neurotoxins, dermatoxins, other viral and bacterial sludge, toxic heavy metal runoff, and old, rancid fat deposits, mostly through the hepatic veins and also through the bile, and from there they find their way to the intestinal tract, contributing to a sluggish colon and constipation. The part of the lymphatic system that surrounds the gut can also get overburdened, causing lymphatic fluid buildup that creates pressure against the intestines that’s enough to slow down peristaltic action and create narrower areas that make it more difficult for food to pass through. Pathogens, along with their toxic debris and sludge as well as heavy metals, can find their way into the ileum along with food that hasn’t been digested and broken down properly, causing this final section of the small intestine to become inflamed and contribute to constipation. In truth, it’s the most common area of the intestine to be inflamed; scar tissue can also form here. 


When the colon is inflamed for any reason, it can kink slightly around its different bends. The top of the descending colon, on the left side of the abdomen, is a very common spot for a kink. So is the bottom of the descending colon on that left side. A kink can also occur at the top of the ascending colon when there’s inflammation. 

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