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Chemical and Food Sensitivities

A sensitive central nervous system is behind chemical sensitivities. Toxins that the liver can’t neutralize or contain because it’s too sluggish overload the nervous system so it eventually becomes sensitive or even allergic to certain poisons. This can take the form of funny feelings in the mouth, the sense that you can’t breathe deeply or “right,” blurry eyes, chronic headaches or migraines, fatigue, tingles and numbness, insomnia, dizziness, anxiety, depression, and more. 


Some of these symptoms can happen independently, for example as a result of EBV neurotoxins going after the nervous system. Chemical sensitivity can also cause all of it. If the liver weren’t already overloaded—and if a given person didn’t have an active EBV infection or another major problem—then a chemical sensitivity wouldn’t develop from one bad encounter. Often, neurotoxins and dermatoxins from EBV combined with certain toxins stored inside the liver create chemical sensitivities. For a person who has EBV without the right kind of toxic heavy metals or pesticides in the liver, a chemical sensitivity may not develop. Not every chemically sensitive person is dealing with an active viral infection. Many have been sprayed or injured by certain chemicals and the body has developed a hyperawareness, causing the hypersensitivity sensations.


With food sensitivities, it’s an abundance of EBV neurotoxins taking chemical sensitivities to a new level. Certain foods can feed EBV, creating more neurotoxins that inflame the digestive tract. People with a hypersensitive central nervous system also tend to have hypersensitive intestinal linings. One reason is that their adrenaline tends to get released more often. Over time, this increased amount of adrenaline oversaturates the liver, and can also saturate the intestinal linings. The thousands and thousands of nerves in the intestinal linings can become inflamed and exposed, with nerve receptors irritated. 

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