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Part of bloating is the gut coping with poorly digested food. Another part is that when the liver is stagnant to the point of lower bile production, it means that it’s also overburdened with toxic materials that are leaching out into the bile, so they end up back in the intestinal tract, or they’re being excreted from the bottom of the liver, floating down, saturating lymphatic vessels around the colon, and absorbing into the colon through its intestinal walls. Bacteria, viruses’ waste matter and heavy metal oxidative runoff are among the materials that can bleed into the intestine. These all coat the lining of the small intestine and colon, causing more bloating as it hampers any good bacteria that are present and feeds bad bacteria and other unproductive microorganisms.


Overgrowth of strep can cause SIBO to develop, with strep flourishing in pockets of the intestinal tract, creating gas that pushes the intestinal linings outward and contributing to bloating. Due to low bile and hydrochloric acid production, undigested food debris composed particularly of fat and protein enters the scene and feeds the pathogens as well, coating the intestinal tract. A condition I call ammonia permeability—which medical communities confuse with leaky gut—develops, with food decomposing in your intestinal tract and producing ammonia gas that both causes even more expansion of the intestinal tract (creating bloating, cramping, discomfort, and distension) and also rises up into your stomach, contributing to further diminishment of hydrochloric acid and even the reserves in the stomach glands and tissue of the components that make hydrochloric acid. Bacteria such as H. pylori can proliferate, causing ulcers and even lesions to form. Other bacteria, such as C. difficile, E. coli, and Staphylococcus, can prosper, too. Chronic gastritis can occur and gas can also sit stationary in the small intestine or colon causing more bloating.

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