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Autoimmune Liver and Hepatitis

Medical communities are taught that there are different viruses when it comes to the liver—the hepatitis A virus, the hepatitis B virus, the hepatitis C virus, the hepatitis D virus, and the hepatitis E virus—and they’re almost right to believe it. There is a virus behind hepatitis, although it’s only one virus with many different strains and mutations. That virus is Epstein-Barr EBV.)


EBV purposefully likes to make a home inside the liver and can lie dormant there for years or even decades. When just the right stage is set, with adrenaline from hardships, prescription drugs, and not having the resources or teaching to eat right, then over time EBV can create damage to the liver that can eventually be seen through medical testing and diagnosed, often, as hepatitis. On the other hand, if you’re eating right, caring for your body and liver, EBV can become helpless and stop causing harm so you can heal. Many people get diagnosed with hepatitis because of their viral livers. Hundreds of millions of people don’t get any diagnosis, and they just walk around with a low-grade viral infection of the liver.


Not everyone with EBV automatically develops hepatitis. It’s only certain varieties of the virus that, if left untamed and not taken care of right, can cause extensive damage to the liver. With hepatitis E, for example, it’s a severe viral infection of a very aggressive EBV mutation that for the most part someone picks up from an outside source rather than living with it since childhood. 


A viral liver doesn’t only cause hepatitis. It can go in another direction instead: a viral liver plays a huge role in every autoimmune disorder there is. Different viruses and different viral strains and different viral fuels cause different autoimmune illnesses and symptoms, so a viral liver doesn’t automatically translate to hepatitis. A viral liver could take a completely different form, one that doesn’t even show much evidence in the liver. 

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