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Many factors play a role in how fast we age. Still, there’s one foundational factor that plays the largest role—it’s the one that can either age us more quickly or slow down our aging. It’s the origin of longevity and the age reversal process. Your liver: it’s everything when it comes to preserving yourself.

After long-term sluggishness or even abuse, the liver will, in desperation, direct its resources to protecting aspects of your physical self and keeping you alive. Skin becoming saggy or discolored and losing its elasticity is a common complaint, and like other symptoms of early aging, it’s a sign of a liver slowly losing its various chemical functions. Aging faster and looking weathered happen for a very good reason—to save you from a much worse fate. Your liver, if it gets to this point of realizing with its highly intelligent chemical function database that it’s not being given what it needs to keep itself healthy and keep you young, will put its last reserves into protecting your brain, heart, and pancreas.

The truth is that DNA has nothing to do with aging. The condition of our DNA is not proof of a flawed family line; it’s a warning about the state of our livers. When DNA weakens, wears down, frays, or becomes injured—which science mistakes for mutation—it’s a signal that the liver is losing its strength to keep us young. The very chemical function that our livers possess to keep our cells from dying is the same antioxidant chemical compound that keeps our DNA from becoming weakened or frayed. When we do anything to support our DNA, we are without realizing it supporting our liver, giving it those snippets of rejuvenation. Our DNA will show improvement, in truth, because we supported the liver. 

How we care for our livers determines our health, aging process, and much of our wellbeing mentally, physically, and even emotionally as we get older. Everything we do that helps our livers slows down and can even reverse the aging process.

Excerpts from Liver Rescue by Anthony William, Chapter 19. Read the full explanation and get your copy today at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, The Book Depository, and anywhere books are sold.


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