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The Power Of Healing: Your Body Is Fighting For You

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The Power Of Healing: Your Body Is Fighting For You

When we get sick and are not healing and others in our life are doubting us, a whisper down the lane can come and haunt us. It’s a whisper that sounds like this: “YOU HAVE A FEAR OF HEALING.” This is a phrase that has become popular over the years—popular because no one really knows truly why anyone is sick. Sure, there are lots of theories and ideas, but in the end, when someone is not healing, everyone gets confused and the blame can be placed on the sick person. That blame is, “you have a fear of healing,” “you are afraid to heal” and “you are scared to heal so you stay sick on purpose.” The problem with this understanding is that it’s not true—far from it. No one has a fear of healing and no one wants to be sick or stay sick.

So many who become ill and stay sick for a long time lose the ability to believe they deserve to heal. They beat themselves up and don’t feel worthy enough to heal and this comes after a long-standing sickness or chronic illness and losing faith and going through a lot during the course of being sick. This is when PTSD can erupt, along with the feeling of not being deserving of healing.

Everyone deserves to heal. Everyone has the God-given right to heal and no one is afraid of healing, they are instead fearful of getting sicker.

Our bodies want to heal and are working for us every day and loves us unconditionally. Your body is fighting for you and there is always a way to heal, there is always a path to heal. You can heal.

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In this episode…

  • Discover what so many people have lived through.
  • Learn what can happen when you think all is lost and there is no hope.
  • Discover the powerful words of “your body loves you unconditionally” and the strength that those words hold.
  • Learn about who people blame when they are sick, and whether that is the truth or not.
  • Uncover if you are sick because you are a bad person, did something wrong or are lazy.
  • Learn about the strong light that is inside of you that can never be taken away.
  • Discover what people have been told is the reason for their sickness.
  • Learn about if your body will ever turn against you.
  • Discover what happens when you access your healing powers.
  • Uncover what is always there and awaiting you.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it.

This item posted: 19-Apr-2024

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