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The Plotter Series S2 E2: Ashleigh Foster's Motives

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The Plotter Series S2 E2: Ashleigh Foster's Motives

Ashleigh Foster is the number one person responsible for the plot to take down Medical Medium and all of the chronically ill people who have been harmed by it. Ashleigh Foster is the ringleader of an organized, anti-Medical Medium hateful group that she created on a mountain of lies. Ashleigh fed a false story to Vanity Fair, and another source admitted on recording that he and Ashleigh had to threaten a journalist to get him to publish it. Ashleigh’s hateful group has since been relentlessly attacking, harassing, bullying, body-shaming, and publicly humiliating people in the Medical Medium community, including mothers and children. This hateful group has even gone as far as to make videos of themselves burning Medical Medium books and to call for Anthony himself to be exterminated by fire.

Why is Ashleigh really doing this? Many have asked. What are Ashleigh’s motives? What type of person is capable of harboring, spewing, and inciting so much hatred? What type of person escalates objectively indefensible behavior even after being publicly proven wrong? Why would someone go to such lengths, secretly plotting and scheming for years, to try to bring an entire movement of people healing from chronic illness down?

In this episode, these questions are answered. Shocking new facts that are wildly inconsistent with Ashleigh’s proclamation that she’s doing this smear campaign “for Stephanie Tisone” are revealed. Ashleigh Foster’s true motives are exposed for the first time. The history that Ashleigh has been hiding from everyone is uncovered. And we begin exposing some of the many more outrageous lies that Ashleigh has peddled incessantly since the release of the first four plotter podcast episodes last year.

This item posted: 02-Jul-2024

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