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STIs and STDs: Are On The Rise

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STIs and STDs: Are On The Rise

STIs and STDs are increasing substantially over the last few years, but that’s not the only concern. The greater concern is why, especially since people having sex has not substantially increased. At the beginning of the Covid lockdown, people who were on the dating scene or sexually active were halted and forced into a dry spell, and the world of finding partners slowed down greatly. Then, when the lockdowns were over, people went into high gear, searching for partners and making up for lost time. All this did was rebalance the previous lockdown dry spell. Meanwhile, worldwide sexual activity stayed relativity the same on the average. So why the rapidly increasing STIs and STDs?

The crash of the antibiotic and anti-viral era.

Antibiotics and anti-virals are weakening and the sexually transmitted bacteria and viruses are strengthening, and lately the bacteria is making a strong comeback. Antibiotics are not holding their title as being the cure all for bacterial infections. Sepsis is also on the rise from bacterial infections taking over and attacking blood, lymph and organs. Bacteria is getting smarter, and not just Chlamydia and Syphilis, but all bacteria such as Strep. The Industry has bombarded the sickness world with epic amounts of antibiotics for every illness without the understanding or caution towards what this can—and has—led to. Stubborn sexually transmitted bacteria that doesn’t respond well to antibiotics is starting to lead the way to ongoing, long-term, low-grade STIs that can easily spread and deep root themselves in the body. At this point in time, all bacteria and viruses are on the upsurge and can easily pass from one person to another. What’s needed is the understanding of how the body’s immune system works and what the best immune system supporting options are. The best quality Propolis and Goldenseal are extremely helpful for Sexually Transmitted Infections, alongside your doctor’s protocols and guidance. Propolis and Goldenseal are key foundations to the bacterial and viral pathogenic war humankind is up against. It isn’t just failure of the antibiotics and the strengthening of the pathogen mutations, it’s the failure and weakening of our immune systems as well, plus the overall immune system consciousness needs to heal. It’s more than possible to flip the direction into less STDs, STIs and less viral and bacterial infections that aren’t STIs or STDs, but all-around pathogens that are transmitted and contracted through bodily contact and bodily fluids.

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In this episode…

  • Learn how the pharmaceutical industry and hierarchy doesn’t want anyone wise about STIs and STDs, and wants people to believe that all sexually transmitted bugs are the same.
  • Discover why STDs, and even not-so-common ones, are on the rise and spreading fast, and whether or not it’s due to an increase in global sexual activity.
  • Learn about antibiotics when it comes to STIs & STDs, how they are passed around like candy, and how they are changing the structure of bacteria.
  • Discover the difference between low-grade and high-grade bacteria, and how STDs can present themselves differently in men and women.
  • Learn about what menstruation and ovulation have to do with a woman’s immune system, and how that plays a part in more women getting diagnosed with STDs than men.
  • Uncover how antibiotics can strengthen bacteria.
  • Discover how one STD bug can be passed down through the centuries and what history that bug may have.
  • Learn why STD breakouts still occur despite the barrage of antibiotics out there (hint: it has to do with the hierarchy and the industry).
  • Discover why it’s not about avoiding the doctor, but knowing how to protect yourself along the way.
  • Uncover what specific supplements are a poison to STD and STI bacteria and viruses.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it.

This item posted: 04-Apr-2024

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