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Save Your Brain: Before It's Too Late

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Save Your Brain: Before It's Too Late

We go through life looking at everything we can see in plain sight, and then we pick and choose the things that feel most important to us, or we choose things we need, and then protect those very things. But what about what we can’t see? What about what we can’t touch? And yet, the thing we can’t touch or see is so very close to us that it resides in us, but we do not protect it. We can even avoid it without realizing it. What is it that is of extreme importance, and yet we don’t see it? It’s the brain– your brain, and it’s so close to you that it sits right in the center of your head, and of course you know this, almost everybody does, but somehow it’s not always something that we are trying to save or protect. There are tools we don’t use that we need and there are techniques and therapies we don’t know about that are critical to protecting, restoring, and saving our brain. In this episode I tackle the brain, what to bring on a hike, and how the two newest Medical Medium books, Brain Saver and its companion Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes, can change your life.

Join me on the Medical Medium podcast to talk about the new Brain Saver books and how to save our brains.

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In this episode…

  • Learn how we can become so imperiled if we are never taught the truths about how to save our brains.
  • I talk about how because there are real, terrifying threats in the world, we then go and fill our heads with hacks, trends and cautionary tales that we think are brain health answers, when in reality it is misinformation.
  • I discuss how we are not taught the proper ways to protect our brain.
  • Discover what your brain reserves are and how those might come into play.
  • Hear about the two new Brain Saver books that are out now.
  • I talk about how everyone is trying to save something, and nobody likes wasting or throwing things out, but there is one very important thing that people don’t know how to save.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this highly anticipated episode.

This item posted: 11-Oct-2022

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