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Raw Honey: Too Much Sugar?

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Raw Honey: Too Much Sugar?

Too many times you hear out there, “stay away from honey, it’s all sugar,” but is it? Food Science and research would have you believe its made out of all sugar, and most health professionals would have you believe that as well, but honey isn’t just made up of just sugar. It’s a powerful plant medicine, and the sugar in honey is the healing glucose your body utilizes to function and your brain utilizes to restore itself and stay fueled. Not all water is the same, not all food is the same, not all supplements are the same, not all people are the same, not all souls are the same, not all friends are the same and not all sugar is the same. Lumping honey into an “all sugars are the same” basket is not an insightful message to say the least. Honey is in a league if it’s own, not only because of the long standing history of it being a true survival food for humankind for thousands of years, but a survival food with multitudes of phytochemical compounds undiscovered by medical science and research. The bee gathers nectar and pollen from dozens of plant sources a day, and along with this nectar and pollen comes a battery of true natural medicine. Yet, what if you’re vegan and you’re told to stay away from honey? Is the bee truly an animal? Are you sure about that? Is science right about everything? Or is a bee being classified as an animal just another mistake out of the thousands of mistakes science makes on a decade by decade basis? Raw Honey is teaming with medicinal life and the process of how this plant medicine is truly created is an awakening. Hear this compelling episode about honey…

Join me on the Medical Medium podcast to learn all you were never taught about honey.

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In this episode…

  • Science learns from its mistakes—but at what costs?
  • We take a close look at bees and ask some important questions.
  • I talk about what it is that science is saying about bees, and what they’re basing their “theories” on.
  • Are insects animals? What makes an animal an animal, and what makes an insect an insect?
  • We talk about souls, and whether or not animals have them.
  • Learn about bees and their individuality, or lack thereof.
  • I get down to the nitty-gritty of sugar and what sugar means to us.
  • Discover how certain widespread information is an institutional decision rather than a universal law.
  • What crucial food changed the carnivore diet?
  • Is honey just “straight sugar?”
  • What other information might honey be carrying?

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode.

This item posted: 23-Aug-2022

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