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Intermittent Fasting: The Downfall

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Intermittent Fasting: The Downfall

Why do so many people struggle with their eating, trying different diets and weight loss gimmicks? Because they don’t feel good in some way, or they don’t want to keep gaining unwanted weight, or they are struggling with an eating disorder, or maybe they are just looking for an optimum way of living and want the most beneficial diet out there that they can find. This is when many stumble across intermittent fasting. Some people do very well with intermittent fasting at first and they get results in different areas of their health, but how long does it last and at what cost to the body? What price do they pay down the line that they were unaware of, while all along the style of intermittent fasting they adopted seemed so smart and even science-based? It then caused the opposite results, instead, bringing them right back to where they began, confused about what, when and how to eat. It’s no secret that the majority of intermittent fasters live on stimulants throughout the morning and afternoon, consuming mainly coffee, espresso, matcha tea, chocolate, green tea, kombucha tea and more. They live off of caffeine and sometimes large amounts of it. Is this good for the body—withholding food? Is it good to withhold even healthier foods while supplementing with caffeine and other stimulants? And what is the fallback that comes weeks, months, even years later for so many who have tried intermittent fasting. Fasten your seat belts and strap yourself in before you listen to this episode, the information you will hear will be eye-opening and health-protecting.

Join me on the Medical Medium podcast to learn the secrets behind intermittent fasting.

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In this episode…

  • Intermittent fasting: does it help or hurt?
  • Learn about the origins of intermittent fasting and who it was originally intended for.
  • I talk about why intermittent fasting is reckless.
  • I go into detail about whether or not intermittent fasting is an actual form of fasting, and if not, what is it?
  • Learn how intermittent fasting and eating disorders are more closely related than you think.
  • Discover what happens to your adrenals over time after intermittent fasting and how this could affect a woman who is pregnant or wanting to have a baby one day.
  • Should you reserve your adrenaline or use it?
  • Learn how many hours it takes for your body to be fasting.
  • I talk about how everyone has a different problem, a different health state, and a different mental state, and therefore have different needs.
  • Learn more about how intermittent fasting is a hack and is meant for those who were never really sick.
  • Uncover what the quick results of intermittent fasting are and what it looks like in the long term.
  • What could be killing your adrenals and starving your brain?
  • Learn about the wave of chronic illness that is developing right now in the world.
  • Learn the ramifications of intermittent fasting.
  • What is taking the place of glucose while your brain waits on sustenance?
  • See how intermittent fasting is a one size fits all approach, contrary to what the health industry wants you to believe.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on an important episode.

This item posted: 19-Sep-2022

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