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Healing Story: Alyssa Degati

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Healing Story: Alyssa Degati

Millions of people either have or know somebody who has struggled with the symptoms and conditions of a chronic illness from a young age. In this podcast I talk to someone who not only began her battle against debilitating symptoms at the early age of nine, but someone who fought this battle against illness for over a decade. From pulmonary embolisms, weight gain and eating disorders to hot flashes, fainting, blood clots and more, Alyssa Degati had no shortage of conditions that no amount of visits to doctors and specialists could fix. To the point of depression, Alyssa had lost all hope. That is, until she was introduced to Medical Medium information. Listen as Alyssa and I discuss her tumultuous health issues throughout her youth and young adulthood, how she was able to overcome, and how her experiences inspired her music. Learn about different conditions and how Medical Medium information could also help you heal. To learn more, visit medicalmedium.com.

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In this episode:

  • Hear Alyssa Degati’s story as we discuss her heart-wrenching battle against chronic illness, what symptoms she started out having and which ones accumulated from there.
  • See Degati’s experience with countless different prescription pharmaceutical medications and how they effected her journey.
  • Hear about her near-death experiences with pulmonary embolism.
  • Degati talks about in what ways her illness at a young age affected her life from being a kid to a teen to an adult.
  • Learn about Alyssa Degati’s journey with acne and weight gain, and in what ways medical professionals tried to heal it.
  • Degati goes into how she developed an eating disorder and what that did to her mental and physical state.
  • We talk about how her illnesses effected her relationships with those around her.
  • Hear Degati’s music and in what ways her illnesses inspired her songs.
  • Degati discusses how there were more questions than answers at the height of her sickness, and how, for the longest time, she was dealing with guesswork on her path to healing.
  • Discover how Alyssa Degati came across Medical Medium information and what tools she began to implement.
  • Plus much more…

This item posted: 09-Aug-2022

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