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Food Poisoning: Underreported & Underrated

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Food Poisoning: Underreported & Underrated

Illness and disease are getting their spotlight out there in mainstream and alternative medicine lately and media outlets are finally touching upon how people are getting sick. There is still a lack of information and a lack of understanding for the chronically ill and it’s possible this will never change for the better to the degree it needs to. One thing that never goes on the map or gets the attention it well deserves is food poisoning. Why should anyone care about food borne illness? Why should anyone care about food poisoning? It’s because it has maimed, injured, destroyed, and even killed the lives of many, including tearing families and friends apart. I’ve seen it all too often over the years, a simple meal at a restaurant or meal made at home become a horrible experience that led to hospitalizations, death, and even more often, a trigger for chronic illness. Food poisoning has led to digestive problems and long-term intestinal tract issues for so many, long after the infection dissipates.

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In this episode…

  • Learn how food poisoning goes underreported, underrated, ignored, under respected, and how it can be passed off as something other than what it is.
  • Discover how most Type 1 Diabetics out there have developed their condition due to food poisoning.
  • Learn about life-long bloating issues that people struggle with and how it can be overlooked.
  • Discover how food poisoning leads to H. Pylori, Epstein-Barr, shingles and many other pathogens, bugs and conditions.
  • Learn what the old diagnosis of gastritis used to mean, compared to what a diagnosis of gastritis means today.
  • Uncover why almost all appendicitis cases are birthed from food poisoning cases, and learn about unnecessary appendix surgeries that occur.
  • Learn why sushi is a big red flag when it comes to food poisoning, and what other problems it could cause.
  • Discover what few things a hospital can offer for food poisoning relief, which can be life-saving and pain-relieving practices, but don’t address the underlying causes and future problems down the road.
  • Learn how recovery is possible when it comes to food poisoning.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it.

This item posted: 28-Mar-2024

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