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Chemical Sensitivities: Are Your Nerves Reacting To Chemicals?

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Chemical Sensitivities: Are Your Nerves Reacting To Chemicals?

There are people who are chemically sensitive without knowing it. They are completely unaware that some of their symptoms are stemming from an overload of pathogens and toxins that are stationed in their liver, causing random spills at random times, while chemicals from a variety of places and other sources are triggering more and more symptoms and conditions. Oftentimes, people who are chemically sensitive have inflammation of the nerves, including the vagus nerves, which can torment people greatly because they are confused, lost and don’t have any ability to know what is causing their neurological symptoms. Doctors are more open to a patient suffering from chemical sensitivities compared to the olden days not so far in the past, when a patient was routinely criticized and ostracized for complaining about their symptoms worsening, when they felt they were exposed to a variety of toxic substances or what they felt were allergens. In this chemical sensitivities episode, you will learn the causes of chemical sensitivities and tips for putting these sensitivities behind you so you can move on...

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In this episode…

  • Discover the many different symptoms that people with chemical sensitivities can suffer from.
  • Learn the difference in how chemically sensitive persons were treated/understood back in the day versus present day.
  • Discover the two types of chemically sensitive people.
  • Learn how the tipping of the scales can make a huge impact on whether chemical sensitivities are felt or not, and what can tip those scales.
  • Uncover the reasons for a sluggish & overworked liver.
  • Discover where these chemicals that are produced by chemical companies end up inside the body.
  • Discover what happens when the liver holds on to metals, pathogens, neurotoxins and other garbage, and where it all goes.
  • Uncover why most chemical sensitivity issues and symptoms are central nervous system based.
  • Learn how people can develop mental conditions from their chemical sensitivities.
  • Discover how the dentist’s chair can impact chemically sensitive individuals.
  • Learn how the use of food as a suppressant to toxins and as a comfort mechanism can randomly stop working for a person one day.
  • Discover the dangers of “detox” sellers and why they target chemically sensitive individuals.
  • Learn how new exposures can halt someone’s progress.
  • Discover important tips for those who are chemically sensitive.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it.

This item posted: 30-May-2024

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