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Breathing Light Meditation: For Healing The Mental, Emotional & Physical

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Breathing Light Meditation: For Healing The Mental, Emotional & Physical

When we learn how to access the light from above for our healing, we empower ourselves in a way that can alter and change how we feel. Working alongside the light from above to allow our bodily systems to engage in healing enables us to speed up repairing old wounds emotionally and physically, and to reroute the body’s energy grid in order to ignite profound changes and levels that are deep within the core of our body’s foundation, strength and reserves. When we learn how to accept, receive and guide this divine light with our consciousness, this divine light can enter our organs, bones and bloodstream, opening the door for transformation, recovery, healing, movement forward and freedom with what we struggle from. This can provide us a sanctuary of safety within our emotional and mental consciousness. Learn how to access the light and make a profound connection that can help change your life.

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In this episode:

  • Discover the power of the light as it moves through your body and destroys disease, darkness, toxic emotions, guilt, shame, fear, doubts, and worry.
  • Allow yourself to break boundaries and unproductive belief systems that others have bestowed upon you, or boundaries you have unknowingly bestowed upon yourself, in order to let in opportunities that might have never been possible.
  • Control the power of the light by using your consciousness to channel it into parts of your body that need it the most.
  • I explain how the limitations taught by others block profound information from entering our minds and emotional centers of our brains.
  • See how this supernatural, powerful light source from above aids and provides transformation, which ultimately leads to a freedom our bodies need.
  • Feel how the light changes you, lingers, stays with you, purifies and clears you.
  • Use the meditation to course correct your body’s healing path and process.
  • Plus much more…
  • This item posted: 25-Jul-2022

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