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Blood Brain Barrier: Gets Penetrated

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Blood Brain Barrier: Gets Penetrated

Nearly everything toxic can end up at some point in time crossing the Blood Brain Barrier. Virtually every man-made toxin and poison on this planet can cross through the barrier, the sacred wall that mysteriously sits in our head. You go to the gas station, you start pumping gas into your tank and breathing in fumes, those fumes cross the Blood Brain Barrier. Or as you are driving an EV and are sitting on a very large battery and breathing in vapors that outgas off of car batteries, even if the battery is located in a different area of the car, small amounts of outgas occur over time and cross the Blood Brain Barrier. Everyday we get exposed from hundreds and hundreds of toxins. We get exposed to Pharmaceuticals, Toxic Heavy Metals, Pathogens, Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Solvents, Petrochemicals, Fragrances, Chemtrails and so much more, and as these exposures enter our bodies, they find a way to our brain by crossing the Blood Brain Barrier. We are led to believe it’s very hard for any substance to cross the Blood Brain Barrier. We are told only certain pharmaceuticals can achieve crossing over the barrier purposely designed this way for our health, but it’s so much more than what we are told.

Listen to this surprising, powerful, informative Medical Medium podcast on the Blood Brain Barrier.

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In this episode…

  • Discover the limitations and vulnerabilities of the blood brain barrier.
  • Learn what can pass through your blood brain barrier daily.
  • Learn what the blood brain barrier was originally intended.
  • Uncover the reality behind whether or not toxins in our environment are being monitored.
  • Hear what SOC has revealed about “global warming” on Planet Earth, and how Planet Mars came to be as cold as it is.
  • Learn about the solvents you are exposed to every day.
  • Discover the drugs that Big Pharma have created with the purpose of passing through the blood brain barrier.
  • Learn about the gold standard that our cerebral spinal fluid is supposed to be, and how that has changed.
  • Uncover the surprising difference between the strength of organs such as your skin, and the blood brain barrier.
  • Learn what blood tests do and don’t uncover when it comes to toxic heavy metals.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode.

This item posted: 08-Feb-2024

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