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Avocado: What You Don't Know About The Avocado

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Avocado: What You Don't Know About The Avocado

The avocado was not always a favorite in the alternative health world, nor was it even a favorite in the conventional health world. It was considered bad for the heart, or even toxic, and likewise labeled as a feared food in medical universities. Doctors were told to avoid them. Avocados do have health positivities but also have health drawbacks—health drawbacks that are far different than any concern or fear of the past. Everywhere you turn you will find an avocado on a menu in restaurants and on the kitchen table at home, but it was a long journey to where it is now as being one of the favorites of the foodies. But what if you’re struggling with chronic illness? What if you’ve been in a battle of long term symptoms and haven’t found enough relief, or any relief, after seeing countless doctors, and then being told to change your diet to a healthier one. Then, when you try those different, so-called “healthy” diets, you still don’t get all the results you want, and all that hard work doesn’t rid your life of chronic sickness. Avocados are most likely on your health diet menu, and depending on how you are using them, could be beneficial to your healing, or could be holding you back. Learn more about the best way to use the avocado for healing…

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In this episode:

  • Learn how some medical professionals were taught to avoid the avocado.
  • Understand why the avocado went from a feared food to one of the most trending health assets.
  • Discover why this avocado trend is not as one-size-fits-all as it appears.
  • I talk about why most Mexican restaurants used to not sell guacamole.
  • Learn that there are times to use avocado and times not to when you are sick.
  • See how one person may do good on a lot of avocado while another person may not.
  • Get to know how the fat from avocado can be used as a transitionary tool on the path to other healing foods.
  • I talk about why the details matter with the avocado.
  • See what the deal is with Omega-6’s.
  • Understand why the Medical Medium morning cleanse keeps fats such as the avocado out of your morning routine.
  • Discover how food science is lacking when it comes to the avocado.
  • Get to know what fats can do for your nutrient absorption.
  • Leafy green salads: fats to use and not use.
  • I show you the recipe containing avocado that is a great substitute for breast feeding and why.
  • Plus much more…

This item posted: 30-Jul-2022

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