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Thick Dark Cloud

Thick Dark Cloud

Repost from @fruityrafa - My experience with Medical Medium Brain Shots | Minha experiência com as doses para o cérebro do MM. The past few days I was having the worst time I've had mentally in years. I got to the point that I couldn't do anything besides crying. It felt like I didn't have anything in my brain to perform any task anymore and I had just collapsed. Driving was impossible and even thinking, speaking and getting up were a challenge. My husband decided to look online and found out that the brain saver books had just arrived in our local store! As I waited for him to run to bookstore and prepare one of the mm shots, I doubted anything could help me that day. I've healed so much with @medicalmedium information (eating desorders, chronic inflammation, gut problems, chronic pain, swollen joints, autoimmune, etc) but still I doubted just one shot would do anything. I took a "selfie" wishing I would be able to find at least a small visible difference between my before and after that could keep me going for another day. Those are not pictures I planned or wanted to share but it shows the difference. They were only 1hour apart. Before and after mood shifter shot. I looked like the first picture for the whole day, for my surprise after the shot I felt my real self coming trough the thick dark cloud that I felt in my head and that was impairing me. I couldn't believe the visible difference in the pictures. Thank you AW and spirit. The information in the brain book is mind blowing an I can't wait to read it all. It is the info I didn't know I so desperately needed.

This item posted: 27-Oct-2022


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