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Results Have Been Astounding

Results Have Been Astounding

Repost from @_infinitewellness_ - MEDICAL MEDIUM’S OBSESSIVE THOUGHTS SHIFTER: I am on the third day of taking this shifter from @medicalmedium’s new Brain Saver books. The results have been pretty astounding. I have always suffered with intrusive thoughts that are obsessive and loop and spiral through my brain, especially at bedtime. This issue has been torturing me since I was a child. I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun to stop the them! Meditation, positive thinking, every self help book under the sun, thought interruption, expensive therapy, you name it… I always used to think it was me, that something was wrong with me that I could not make them stop. But, medical medium explains in his book that it’s not our fault! It has to do with our brain and how it’s malfunctioning in so many ways due to so many factors that are out of our control! These thoughts intrude on my sleep and my daily life constantly. BUT, for the past three days, after taking the obsessive thought shifter, my mind is at peace for the first time! I have never experienced anything like this before in my life. I have healed so much with my mind - anxiety, panic attacks, depression, dark thoughts, and brain fog with medical medium’s heavy metal detox smoothie and protocols, and this is just the icing on the cake! I cannot wait to try some of the other shots and shifters because I am a true believer that they’re going to change my life even more, and most importantly, change the life of everyone who gets a hold of these precious, life changing books! Thank you for continuing to save me and improve my physical and mental health, @medicalmedium!

This item posted: 01-Nov-2022


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