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My Weight Is Finally Moving

My Weight Is Finally Moving

Repost from @journey_to_wellness_for_life - As a Nurse Anesthetist I sometimes work very long hours in the operating room. These brain shots have brought me so much vitality! I am very quick to action when a situation calls for action. I no longer burn out after a life and death situation. My favorite shots are the burnout, adrenal, and energy brain shots. These brain shots do more than just work on the brain. After being exposed to a very poisonous toxin 5 years ago, I gained 50 pounds. I was glad for the weight as it was my body saving my life. Doing cleanses, working hard on the liver, the weight would not budge. I have been ok with that. But now, after starting the brain shots, my weight is finally moving. I have gone down a scrub size at work, it is an added nice surprise. Thank you Anthony and SOC for all you do for us. We are all so grateful!

This item posted: 16-Jan-2023


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