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I've Noticed A Difference In Him

I've Noticed A Difference In Him

Repost from @fruitfulhealing.co.uk - My son has done 56 days of the Obsessive Thoughts Shifter. Around day 7 I noticed that he stopped biting his nails. I was able to trim them for the first time in months! He continued with the shot as I wanted to make sure that the result would last. I also had a lot of sage that I didn't want to waste. On 30 Nov 2022 my son also started doing the Adrenal Fight Or Flight Stabilizer and the Extractor Smoothie daily and he continues to have them. The smoothie aids in removing different varieties of chemical toxicity, also freeing the path for toxic heavy metals to uproot and exit the body more quickly. I've noticed a difference in him but will report on it next time.

This item posted: 10-Jan-2023


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