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What People Are Saying about Brain Shot Therapy

Absolute Banger

Absolute Banger

Repost from @mamaizhealing - Brain shot challenge day 5 Mold exposure - WOWEEEEE jeepers cripes holy moly this shot is an absolute banger. ZINGs all the way down. Major tingles and shudders. It felt so purifying, like mold spores in my body were getting zapped by light rushing through me. I’m pretty sure every space I’ve ever lived in had mold. I *know* I’ve had major exposure to mold throughout my life. On a side note, I had a new dentist appointment today and x-rays and all that junk made me feel icky. Immediately came home and made the radiation shot. THAT one made me feel like I was gonna puke, but instantly made me feel cleared of the icky feeling I had from the radiation. Proud to report no cavities ~which is major for me~ I’ve been plagued with poor dental health all my life and since applying medical medium info my teeth have never been better! #medicalmedium #medicalmediumcommunity #brainshots #brainshottherapychallenge

This item posted: 26-Oct-2022


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