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Are You Being Harmed, Shamed, Bullied, Accosted, or Recruited by the Campaign Spreading Falsities in the Medical Medium Community?

The people driving the campaign against the Medical Medium community have been relentless in their pursuit to create fear and confusion in the minds of people who are trying to heal. They have been systematically attacking the Medical Medium community with a disinformation campaign for more than a year, and have intensified their attacks in the last three weeks—since the release of their planned false article in a major media outlet. Their specific goal was to release false stories and a manufactured narrative to confuse and sow discord in the Medical Medium community. They are now even attacking companies in the Medical Medium orbit that provide critical services and products to those in need in the community.

If you have been harmed in any way from the recent campaign of the media outlet and the people who planned a story based on falsities—the original plotters who have spent more than a year planning a takedown of Medical Medium and the Medical Medium community to create a “post–Medical Medium era”—then please continue reading.

The harm that’s occurring to the Medical Medium community includes being deterred from your healing process, any kind of emotional upset, emotional pain, confusion, and mental suffering. Have you been hurt physically by flare-ups of your conditions and relapses from the stress induced by these attacks? Shamed and bullied for using Medical Medium information?

We are concerned about the people in the Medical Medium community—and we want to hear from those like you who have been harmed by this malicious campaign.

Below is a submission form. We encourage you to fill it out if, for example:

  • If you have been thwarted from using various tools for your healing or thwarted from applying Medical Medium information.
  • If your healing has become problematic emotionally or physically because you’re being told Medical Medium information is harmful and hurtful.
  • If you’re being told there are people leaving the Medical Medium community because they have been hurt by it—and this is affecting your peace of mind, emotional state, and/or physical body.
  • If you have been harmed by social media doctors and other social media healthcare practitioners saying Medical Medium has killed someone or is a killer.
  • If you believe you have stress-induced adrenaline from these false claims that is affecting your ability to heal.

Those behind this malicious disinformation campaign have their own health businesses, supplement companies (that I don’t endorse), and other interests and reasons they want Medical Medium and the Medical Medium community to go down. They also have people connected to them who own supplement companies (that I don’t endorse) and health businesses. We want to be able to help, and collecting your experiences and your stories is the first step.


We will need a screenshot of the encounter, please ensure you submit this form AND email us the screenshot or screenshots to safespace@medicalmedium.com

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