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037 Ep. 3: Plot To Take Down Medical Medium

Released on 2023-04-26

We are digging deeper and deeper into the recordings of a group of people who call themselves an “elite” group and the “inner circle” intent on taking down the Medical Medium and the Community. Leaders of this elite group are competitors and rivals of Anthony William and have fed a journalist at a mainstream media outlet a story about the Medical Medium that they have described as a “journalist’s dream.” Their plan? A disparaging and misleading article that will almost certainly omit key facts, and will fuel bids on a documentary, with the ultimate goal of casting out the Medium Medium to bring about a “post Medical Medium era”. Members of this “elite” group have been trying to recruit others in the space of health and wellness so that they can direct them to take Medical Medium information for their own businesses in health and not have to cite it back to its original source (Medical Medium). Listen on Apple - Listen on Spotify - Listen on Soundcloud

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