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You Don't Want These Hidden Ingredients

Recorded LIVE on January 27. 2023

If you know Medical Medium information, you know there are ingredients that I recommend avoiding because of the impact they can have on your health. Not all of these ingredients are obvious. For example, we all know fried food isn’t healthy for us, but did you know that there are ingredients that sound harmless, such as citric acid and natural flavors, that also aren’t good for you? This is one way we get tripped up when we are trying to make healthy choices.

Then there’s another factor entirely that can cause us to unknowingly make choices that are not helpful for our health, especially when it comes to supplements. There are regulations that allow supplement companies to not have to disclose all the ingredients in their products, provided they are below a certain percentage in the product. If you’ve suffered or struggled with your health, and fought to win your health back or you’re still in the fight, you’ll know how important it is to be able to make fully informed, free will choices to support your health. And yet this regulation means you are prevented from knowing all the ingredients added to products you take. A product may appear to be clean and high quality, but if all the ingredients don’t have to be disclosed, how do you really know for sure?

One of the reasons I love and appreciate Vimergy and fully endorse and support them is because they don’t do this. If they add an ingredient into their products, it’s on their labels. It’s a commitment and promise they have made to their community because they genuinely care about people’s wellbeing. This is true for all their products, including their powders.

When it comes to powder supplements, most companies use some kind of anti-caking or anti-bonding agent in their product in an amount they don’t have to disclose to prevent their powders from clumping. Vimergy doesn’t use these anti-bonding and anti-caking agents in any of their powders, including their Organic Wild Blueberry Powder, Barley Grass Juice Powder, Chaga, Reishi, and Spirulina. So when you get your powder, you know nothing else has been added, which is how it should be. You can check out Vimergy’s range of powder supplements at

I will continue to share these traps that can affect your health in every way I can so you can make the best decisions for your health.

Vimergy Spirulina Powder

Vimergy Barley Grass Juice Powder

Vimergy Wild Blueberry Powder

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