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Trapped In Blood Sugar Fear & Stovetop Mac & Cheese

Recorded LIVE on September 10, 2023

People are being trained to monitor their blood sugar levels after every meal when they are not a diabetic. This leads to OCD, eating disorders and confusion, especially when someone is chronically sick and doesn't know why and is being told it's their blood sugar. People are being told to monitor and hack their blood glucose levels. People are being taught to fear blood glucose spikes, people are being put in fear as they are being convinced and trained to constantly monitor their blood glucose levels. For many people this is creating an obsessive compulsive disorder where fear takes over on the hour so that someone can fill emotionally better about their glucose levels. Meanwhile, food protocols and diet plans given to people that are trying to hack their blood sugar are greatly flawed and creating a bait and switch and smoke and mirror illusion that they are doing something extremely productive and helpful for their health. This is a flawed trend thats manipulating the person into thinking they are properly monitoring their blood sugar.

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