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Top Supplement For Immune System Support

Recorded LIVE on November 12, 2022

In this video, I share a top supplement for immune system support: propolis. I have talked about propolis for decades, long before I published the first Medical Medium book. It’s an incredible tool for our health and it’s completely unique in its properties. In the past, propolis supplements have had problems. They have contained ingredients I don’t recommend such as alcohol or propylene glycol (or other hidden ingredients not even listed on the label), or they’ve not been the right potency or quality, or they’ve not been sourced in the best way. That changed when Vimergy came out with their product PropolisPure. Vimergy is a brand of supplements I fully endorse because I love the quality, cleanliness, and efficacy of their products. I am working with Vimergy because it’s so important to get truly beneficial supplements out to the people who need them, and one of those supplements I stand behind is PropolisPure. In fact, it’s one of my favorite supplements of all time.  I love propolis for immune support overall, and especially for right now as people enter or prepare to enter a season of colds and flus, socializing with a lot of people, heavier food, drinking more alcohol and caffeine, and travel, and have greater challenges for their immune system to handle. I also share my Medical Medium Continuity Method for energetically understanding and testing the quality of a supplement. My favorite Propolis.

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