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The Hardship Scale

Recorded LIVE on July 17, 2023

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We soul search because of hardships we experience in our lives. There’s a hardship scale. Everyone’s hardships are different, plus no two people will experience a hardship exactly the same way. What might feel like a mild hardship to some people may feel like a very difficult hardship to others and vice versa. For example, people who have struggled with chronic illness, especially those who have struggled for decades or years, have a different ability to endure the hardship it brings. Whereas someone who hasn’t struggled with chronic illness who then develops a symptom or condition for the first time will likely experience that hardship very differently to someone who is seasoned in it. All hardships are real and valid and all of them can leave us with toxic and challenging emotions and soul wounds that need healing. Thankfully, there is a way to profoundly heal your mind, heart, spirit, and soul. I will be guiding you on a 7-day soul-healing journey starting July 19th – the Collecting Stones Meditation Journey. Sign up for free before July 19th here.

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