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Teeth: Everyone's Getting Drilled Podcast Discussion

Recorded LIVE on July 13, 2022

Join me on the Medical Medium Podcast as I discuss what’s really causing teeth problems and how you can fight against it. ⁣You can listen to this free podcast on Apple Podcasts.

In this episode:⁣ 

  • Hear why tooth problems aren’t just about eating candy and not going to the dentist.⁣
  • Gain an understanding of what you should avoid at the dentists’ office.⁣
  • Learn how years ago, many dentists would blame the teeth problems of a vegan or plant based person on their diet and how it still happens today.⁣
  • Uncover why the health movement has shifted to a fruit fear movement.⁣
  • Discover why the sugar from fruit became the enemy and alleged culprit of dental issues.⁣
  • Find out why sugar isn’t the cause of teeth problems.⁣
  • Understand why some children have teeth that rot and fall out even if they are avoiding sugar.⁣
  • Learn how mineral deficiencies, inherited toxins, and poisons from the family line that go back generations and generations play a role in enamel decay.⁣
  • Get to know why one kid in high school could be eating the same diet as another high schooler, but different outcomes occur, like three cavities with the one student but fifteen cavities with the other.⁣
  • Learn about how most of us come into this world with deficiencies that accumulate and compound over time, and how these deficiencies come to fruition in our teeth.⁣
  • Discover how teeth are like time capsules.⁣
  • See how we break our teeth down to the point where they become porous.⁣
  • Become aware as to how x-rays might not be able to spot your teeth breaking down from the inside out.⁣
  • How we get so deficient as we go along and what does it have to do with pathogens.⁣
  • What critical nutrient our gums thrive off of.⁣
  • Plus much more…⁣

Buckle up and get ready to empower yourself with this exciting new Medical Medium Podcast episode! Listen and Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts.

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