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Poor Air Quality Health Tools & How Poor Air Quality Triggers Chronic Illness - Is It Detox

Recorded LIVE on June 10, 2023

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Environmental disasters happen all the time on this planet, causing the air to become polluted and toxic, often from smoke, burning, and wildfires. It’s not just the smoke itself that causes harm to our health, but also the chemicals and other toxins that are in the air. For example, when a building burns, there are countless chemicals that burn and get into the air. Or when fire retardants are sprayed, their chemicals and toxic heavy metals become part of the dust and smoke that people and animals are breathing in.

Aside from causing the more obvious breathing and lung issues, poor air quality can lower the immune system and be a trigger to all kinds of chronic illnesses, symptoms, and conditions both in the short term and long after the environmental disaster or exposure has occurred.

We don’t need to be fearful of these kinds of events and their impact on our health. They are outside of our control and are a part of life on this planet. Instead, we can know how to protect ourselves, so we are equipped and empowered for those times when we do have to live with poor air quality and toxic exposures, and can give our bodies the extra care they need.

The new Medical Medium Environmental Disaster Air Quality Tools Free Report gives you a range of powerful, actionable tools you can use when you need them. You’ll receive healing recipes, foods to include, supplements, protective tips, and more, all of which can help your body through times of poor air quality and help minimize setbacks and sickness from toxic exposures.

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It is my hope and prayer that this information will give you not only the knowledge to take care of your health, but also the comfort and peace of mind that comes with knowing you have effective tools you can draw on whenever you need.

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