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Poor Air Quality Health Tips: Smoke, Burning & Wildfires

Recorded LIVE on June 6, 2023

Many people are living in areas of the planet where there’s toxic, poor air quality. Common reasons for that are smoke, burning, and wildfires. Not just because of the smoke itself, but because of the chemicals and other toxins that are in the air. Aside from causing the more obvious breathing and lung issues, poor air quality can lower the immune system and be a trigger to all kinds of chronic illnesses, symptoms, and conditions.

One way pollutants in the air can be problematic is because they provide food for viruses that then release neurotoxins and dermatoxins, causing symptoms and conditions such as headaches and migraines, fatigue, eczema, psoriasis, aches and pains, sleep problems, autoimmune disorders, and so much more. A flare up and worsening of symptoms and conditions you already have struggled with or currently struggle with, or the onset of new symptoms and conditions can occur, especially after heavy or prolonged exposure to poor air quality or if you’re immune system is already struggling.

I have shared tips before on how to support your health when you’re facing poor air quality. I have more tools to share with you below to help you support your health during these times. For some people who are living in areas with permanently poor air quality, it can be helpful to include these tools ongoing or on an intermittent basis regularly for extra support.

Vitamin C: Without enough vitamin C, the immune system can struggle. It’s an antioxidant that helps support the body, including respiratory health. Vitamin C deficiencies are prevalent already today and lacking enough of this top vitamin can be problematic in the best of conditions. It’s important to consider additional vitamin C intake when you’re up against challenges.

Micro-C by Vimergy is a supplemental form of vitamin C that can be very helpful for a wide range of people in a wide range of circumstances. I endorse and am working with Vimergy because I believe in the superior quality of their supplements, which are truly unlike any others around. Micro-C is my personal favorite form of vitamin C because it’s buffered, which means it’s easy to digest and gentle on the stomach. It also contains complementary bioflavonoids that support our health, along with the vitamin C itself.

Glutathione: Another antioxidant, glutathione assists with the body’s natural detoxification processes. Glutathione is also a critical regulator of oxidative stress and immune function, helping reduce free radicals. A lot of glutathione supplements can be in dosages that aren’t the best for the body, have fats added, or problematic fillers. Vimergy Glutathione is my favorite.

Propolis: One of my most loved supplements, propolis is ideal to include due to its ability to support the immune system, respiratory health, and its antioxidant support. The only propolis product I truly love is PropolisPure. I haven’t found another propolis product that is as clean and potent and free of alcohol, propylene glycol, or other additives.

Liquid Zinc Sulfate: One of the supplements I talk about the most due to its role in supporting the immune system is zinc as liquid zinc sulfate. This is a supplement I cherish, use personally, and recommend to friends and family. It also supports respiratory health and is a potent antioxidant. I love Vimergy Liquid Zinc Sulfate for many reasons, including that it doesn’t contain any citric acid, natural flavors, artificial flavors, or other troublemaker ingredients.

B12 with adeonsylcobalamin and methylcobalamin: B12 is essential for the body always. When I’m up against additional challenges, I like to make sure I’m taking it daily. The blend of adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin in the right proportion is what’s important with B12, such as Vimergy’s Liquid B12, along with a product that is free of troublemakers such as alcohol, citric acid, natural flavors, artificial flavors, and low quality forms of B12.

Easy Protective Tip:

Watch the video to learn an easy tool for protecting yourself from smoke, chemical, and toxin inhalation. Place a dishcloth in a bowl of water, then squeeze out excess water, leaving it damp. Take the damp dishcloth with both your hands, leaving some space in the middle for you to breath through the cloth, and hold the cloth over your mouth and nose. It will help trap some of the smoke, chemicals, and dust particles in the damp material, offering you a layer of protection that can reduce inhalation and exposure.

Incorporating these tools into your routine in times of poor air quality can offer so much support. I hope this empowers you during difficult times. My heart and prayers are with you all.

Love and many blessings.

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