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How To Use Lemon Balm & Ashwagandha For Stress or Emotional Challenges

Recorded LIVE on May 15, 2023

Have you been going through a hardship? Or do you experience difficulties regularly in your life? Most of us go through hard times regularly in some way, shape, or form. It could be conflicts in relationships, losing a loved one, overwhelm and exhaustion from all the responsibilities on your plate, struggling with your health, caretaking for a loved one, problems with your job, your car breaking down when you need it most, a friend or family member betraying you. No matter how big or small, the hardships in life can take a toll on our health.

During these times our bodies need more support than normal. Adrenaline rushes out of our adrenal glands in specific blends as a protective mechanism to help power our brains and bodies through stress. But that adrenaline is also corrosive to our body and can trigger and worsen symptoms. If we’re experiencing a lot of friction and stress in our lives, electricity travels through our brain at a higher intensity and velocity, because adrenaline both increases heart rate and enters the brain, raising the brain’s heat levels.

There are healthy levels of gentle everyday adrenaline blends, which are normal. But when we are under stress and enduring hardships, more aggressive blends of adrenaline are called for. The immune system can break down and many fight-or-flight adrenaline bursts create prime opportunities for the viruses behind so many chronic illnesses, symptoms, and conditions to expand, proliferate, and grow, leading to bouts of brain inflammation and neurological symptoms that can go along with these difficult times or come afterwards.

When you are in the moment dealing with a hardship or challenge, there are specific Medical Medium tools I have always recommended to help support you. The same tools are beneficial even prior to a hardship that you are aware you might soon experience. You can also use them after the worst of a hardship has passed as you are recovering, or even if you think you’ve recovered, because your body might still be healing in ways you’re not aware of. Lemon balm is at the top of that list of tools due to its stress and tension-relieving qualities. It’s one of my favorite herbs to keep handy and take daily when you are navigating rough waters. It can be helpful to keep a bottle in your car, bag, or backpack, and at home and/or your workplace for those times when unexpected stresses hit. Watch out for lemon balm tinctures with alcohol, natural or artificial flavors, and citric acid added, which is commonplace among these tinctures. The lemon balm tincture I trust and use personally is by Vimergy. I fully endorse and support Vimergy because their products are unlike any others in terms of both quality and cleanliness. Vimergy Lemon Balm is alcohol-free and is made with a 10:1 organic lemon balm herbal extract that gets results. Along with the organic flax glycerin, it’s the only ingredient in the product and there’s no hidden ingredients that aren’t listed on their labels, which is a common practice among many other supplement companies.

Another tool is ashwagandha for its adaptogen qualities and ability to support your brain, body, and mood during times of stress. Like lemon balm, I have recommended ashwagandha for years for its unique qualities. Ashwagandha has become a popular supplement over the years, but so many brands have all kinds of problematic ingredients added to their products, and some aren’t even on their labels. Vimergy’s Ashwagandha is by far the best and cleanest product available in my opinion, and the one my family and I personally use.

My heart goes out to you if you’re going through stressful times, emotional or physical challenges, or any kind of adversity. The best thing we can do is be educated on how to support our bodies through difficulties and give our bodies what they need so we can recover and rise above them over time.

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