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Disease - Wild Blueberries Vs Cultivated Blueberries

Recorded LIVE on November 21, 2023

Disease – Wild Blueberries Vs Cultivated

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Cultivated blueberries and wild blueberries are not the same thing, and therefore effect people differently. Cultivated blueberries are weak. Cultivated doesn’t have the same antioxidant or phytochemical compound strength or that adaptogenic power that wild blueberries have. The cultivated blueberry has not been around for thousands of years, it’s a spin-off of its cousin the wild blueberry. A wild blueberry can survive on its own through droughts, frozen tundra, floods, freeze and fire. There are hundreds and hundreds of different varieties of wild blueberries within the same crop of wild blueberries, they are not just one strain, so it can’t be wiped out as easily or at all by disease as the cultivated blueberry can.

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