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Day 7: Toxic Heavy Metals Exposure Brain Shot

Recorded LIVE on January 16, 2023

Toxic heavy metals are elusive. They’re quiet—they don’t make any noise—you can’t see them, you can’t hear them, you certainly can’t touch them. Although you can detect traces of toxic heavy metals in the bloodstream if exposure was recent, you can’t detect traces of toxic heavy metals in the tissue, organs, glands, and bones, where toxic metals settle indefinitely. Yet the presence of toxic heavy metals is extremely dominating and extremely controlling physically, mentally, and emotionally—and because of this, toxic heavy metals are mind-altering.

In many people toxic metals rule the roost. They control someone’s life. They can disempower a person, make decisions for them, by getting in the way of clear thinking. Why are toxic heavy metals so problematic? Because they are constantly interfering with electricity, which means they are constantly interfering with your brain’s receiving of and communicating information. Classified medical science relies on us being exposed to toxic heavy metals to create and perpetuate a form of mind control. – Anthony William, Brain Saver

Today we are making the Toxic Heavy Metals Exposure Brain Shot from Brain Saver. I talk about tattoos and the continual exposure of metals they can cause for years to come.

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