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Day 6: Speaking Your Truth Stabilizer Brain Shot

Recorded LIVE on January 15, 2023

For day 6 of the Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy Challenge we are making the Speaking Your Truth Stabilizer. This Brain Shot provides support around three main areas of truth:

1. Getting in touch with and communicating your own truths.

2. Receiving the truth

3. Learning about hidden truths

Join the challenge here. Books In The Video: Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes. Check out the MM1500 Juicer

If you have a MM1500 or MM900 juicer and need any customer service or support:

New Omega Medical Medium Support Phone Line: 754-732-6665

New Omega Medical Medium Support email: Omega MM Support

More LIVE Video Replays are available on the Watch Medical Medium Page:


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