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B12 To Meet The Demands Of Life

Recorded LIVE on June 12, 2023

People are under a lot of stress and a lot of demands. There’s emotional, mental, and physical hardships and countless problems that we face here on this planet. One day we can wake up and realize we are out of balance and that there’s something off or wrong. 

One of the first tools I recommend people reach for in this life is B12. From knowing so much about the brain and body for so many decades, how they operate, and what they need for healthy functioning, I deeply value and honor B12 for all that it offers us. There are many reasons B12 is one of the most important supplements I recommend for people.

B12 is so important that I have it with me always. It’s in my car, I travel with it, and I use it daily in my office to help with the mental output and demands of life I deal with. Even if you’re not that busy, B12 is so critical. And if you’re on what I call couch island or mattress island, it can be even more important still. If you’re wanting to support your body and brain, energy, memory, mood, nervous system, heart, red blood cell production, and more, make B12 your friend.

Whatever your reason for taking B12, what matters is the kind of B12 you’re supplementing with. The right proportionate blend of adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin is important. Both of these forms of B12 matter for our health and help with methylation. It’s also important to avoid using the form of B12 called cyanocobalamin, which the human body does not recognize as a viable, usable, natural form. The liver has to convert your nutrients and vitamins and can’t convert cyanocobalamin.

It’s critical to know what’s in your B12 supplement, both the forms of B12 and the amounts of them, but also any other ingredients, some or all of which may be problematic. I personally love and use the B12 by Vimergy. I endorse Vimergy because of the quality and cleanliness of their products. I’ve never seen another company have the values and commitment this company has to producing the best of the best.

The body has to convert vitamin B12 into active coenzyme forms of these nutrients before using them. Vimergy B12 already provides the active coenzyme forms, so its ready to be used right away. Vimergy doesn’t use any troublemaker ingredients in their supplements, including their B12, such as citric acid, natural flavors, artificial flavors, alcohol, or soy, which are so prevalent in so many supplements out there. It’s not even just what’s on the label that you need to be aware of. Supplements can also have small amounts of ingredients in them that don’t have to be listed on the label! Vimergy have promised their customers that they don’t include any hidden ingredients. They disclose everything in their products on their label and don’t add anything problematic ingredients to their products. This makes it harder to create their products, but they do it because they genuinely care about people’s wellbeing.

Vimergy are having a Healing Week Sale right now until June 18. You can save from 10-28% off your order on This is a great time to stock up on B12 and your other favorite Vimergy supplements, or try some of their products for the first time.

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