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Avocado: Are You Avocado Toast?

Recorded LIVE on August 2, 2022

Join me on the Medical Medium podcast as I tackle the trendy health food that is the avocado. Listen to this free podcast on Apple and Spotify.

In this episode:

  • Learn how some medical professionals were taught to avoid the avocado.
  • Understand why the avocado went from a feared food to one of the most trending health assets.
  • Discover why this avocado trend is not as one-size-fits-all as it appears.
  • I talk about why most Mexican restaurants used to not sell guacamole.
  • Learn that there are times to use avocado and times not to when you are sick.
  • See how one person may do good on a lot of avocado while another person may not.
  • Get to know how the fat from avocado can be used as a transitionary tool on the path to other healing foods.
  • I talk about why the details matter with the avocado.
  • See what the deal is with Omega-6’s.
  • Understand why the Medical Medium morning cleanse keeps fats such as the avocado out of your morning routine.
  • Discover how food science is lacking when it comes to the avocado.
  • Get to know what fats can do for your nutrient absorption.
  • Leafy green salads: fats to use and not use.
  • I show you the recipe containing avocado that is a great substitute for breast feeding, and why.
  • Plus much more…

All this and more, listen to find out what the avocado craze is really about.

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