Avocado: Are You Avocado Toast?

Recorded LIVE on August 2, 2022

Join me on the Medical Medium podcast as I tackle the trendy health food that is the avocado. Listen to this free podcast on Apple and Spotify. https://apple.co/3oNPe1K In this episode: Learn how some medical professionals were taught to avoid the avocado. Understand why the avocado went from a feared food to one of the most trending health assets. Discover why this avocado trend is not as one-size-fits-all as it appears. I talk about why most Mexican restaurants used to not sell guacamole. Learn that there are times to use avocado and times not to when you are sick. See how one person may do good on a lot of avocado while another person may not. Get to know how the fat from avocado can be used as a transitionary tool on the path to other healing foods. I talk about why the details matter with the avocado. See what the deal is with Omega-6’s. Understand why the Medical Medium morning cleanse keeps fats such as the avocado out of your morning routine. Discover how food science is lacking when it comes to the avocado. Get to know what fats can do for your nutrient absorption. Leafy green salads: fats to use and not use. I show you the recipe containing avocado that is a great substitute for breast feeding, and why. Plus much more… All this and more, listen to find out what the avocado craze is really about. https://apple.co/3oNPe1K

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