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A Technique Preparing Your Body To Receive B12 & Immune System Cocktail

Recorded LIVE on November 21, 2023

One of the first tools I recommend people reach for in this life is B12. B12 is so important that I have it with me always. It’s in my car, I travel with it, and I use it daily in my office to help with the mental output and demands of life I deal with. Even if you’re not that busy, B12 is so critical. And if you’re on what I call couch island or mattress island, it can be even more important still. If you’re wanting to support your body and brain, energy, memory, mood, nervous system, heart, red blood cell production, and more, make B12 your friend.

When it comes to B12, it’s important to know that not every B12 supplement is helpful. In truth, many B12 supplements contain ingredients I don’t recommend, like citric acid or natural and artificial flavors. Then there’s the form of B12 a supplement offers. They aren’t all the same. My preferred form of B12 is a blend of methycobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. Many B12 supplements contain cyanocobalamin, which is a form of B12 I don’t recommend. The liver has to convert your nutrients and vitamins and can’t convert cyanocobalamin.

Vimergy B12 is my favorite B12 supplement because it contains the right kinds of B12, with the right quality, proportions, and clean ingredients–there’s no citric acid, alcohol, artificial flavors, natural flavors, low-quality glycerin, corn, soy, gluten or GMOs. Vimergy have promised their customers that they don’t include any hidden ingredients. They disclose everything in their products on their label and don’t add any problematic ingredients to their products. This makes it harder to create their products, but they do it because they genuinely care about people’s wellbeing.

I fully endorse Vimergy supplements because I love the quality, cleanliness, and efficacy of their products. I am working with Vimergy because it’s so important to get truly beneficial supplements out to the people who need them. I consider Vimergy Organic B12 to be a foundational supplement and I personally take it every day.

Now is your chance to get a FREE bottle of B12, almost 4oz of pure, highest quality coenzyme on the market. B12 is critical for every cell in the body and is an integral part of our health. All of our body systems require B12 for optimal function. Many people have B12 deficiencies without even being aware of it and have challenging health issues that frequently occur. B12 is one of the great foundational tools that can be added to your life and routine and it’s so easy to take.

Get Your FREE Bottle of B12 here.

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