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VIDEO: 060 The Plotter Series S2 E1: Time To Set The Record Straight

Recorded LIVE on June 12, 2024

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Years ago, a group of people secretly teamed up and did everything they could to try to knock Medical Medium out of the health space. They formed a multi-step, long-term plot to create a “Post Medical Medium Era” by feeding false information to mainstream media companies anonymously, in hopes that it would lead to securing themselves a deal for an anti-Medical Medium documentary that would be sold to Netflix. But their plan was thwarted last year when this organized, hateful group, that we now refer to as “the plotters,” tried to recruit a woman in the Medical Medium community who ended up recording their attempts instead of joining them. She captured evidence of their plot, their identities, serious corruption that took place within a media company they sold a false story to, the many lies this group has been telling, and much more, and she came on the Medical Medium podcast last year to expose them. What we covered was appalling and shocked so many people to the core. And yet…there is so much more to the story. This is truly one of the biggest scandals that has ever happened in the health industry. As you’ll see, it’s also one of the biggest instances of capturing corruption within the mainstream media. This episode is the beginning of a full-blown extended exposé of the conspiracy to take Medical Medium and the community down. We are going to be releasing more recordings, dismantling their web of lies, fabricated stories, tactics, and their ulterior motives, revealing their names for the first time, exposing everything they are hiding, and much more. It’s time to fully set the record straight. 

Welcome to Season 2 of The Plotters Series.

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