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Body Pain, Dizziness, Tingles – Oh Sh*t

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Body Pain, Dizziness, Tingles – Oh Sh*t

As you go through life, you heard it from others, "You look alright,"

everyone around you will say you look healthy, strong and fine,

they just don't know that inside, it feels like you are living a lie,

they truly believe that from the outside of you, all is well, from their eye,

tnd how is it possible, that you are not one of them,

someone who seems to be, truly unstoppable,

instead, they don't know, you're crying inside,

ss you see them outside, on the streets, everyone enjoying themselves and living their lives,

and seems like nothing is wrong, with anyone else out there,

you're just, one of a kind,

they just don't know, and whoever knew,

that you would have this inner struggle, and someday they may have one too,

but there is so much more to life, when your sickness allows your soul to grow,

like no other around you, and over time it's going to show,

one thing's for certain, that you will, overcome this blow,

nothing can stop you, or get in your way,

nothing will hold you back from healing,

your're done hearing the word no, ignore what they say,

and you're finally going to be able to let go,

as you're on your way, to feeling less pain,

as your faith grows stronger and your conviction is longer,

aour troubles are over, you're more than the person you were,

and you are not just older,

when Medical Science gives us no answers, to why we're sick,

but keeps us fooled by their smoke and mirrors, as they perform their shtick,

telling us they have answers, but in the end, the smoke dissipates quick,

as they try to convince us that more answers are coming just around the corner,

you turn your head, you look twice, and behind you, their no longer,

we waited 70 years for the Medical Magical Show, you know,

to solve all of our problems, with our neurological woes,

only shows us, perfectly clear, that the spiritual war around us, and above us, is near,

when a mother who has been battling neurological symptoms throughout much of her adult life,

watches her daughter do the same, while living in strife,

and wonders why there aren't real answers yet,

shows us that the spiritual war, is real life,

as the blatant negligence, ignorance, and disrespect from the industries in health,

cause more harm on the people and drain their wealth, never exposing the true causes and keeps everything stealth,

as they completely drop the ball in chronic illness,

they sit back and laugh at us all,

as everyone takes the fall, and the sick take the flack,

they stay in their deep slumber of denial and never lower their ego,

shows us that the spiritual war, is Good vs. Evil,

inflammation is an empty word,

without knowing the cause and blaming us, it has no place in this world,

it's as empty as the soul of the industry, that has no knowing of why we suffer,

and stamps out drugs to handout to one another,

as we lose precious time and many of our days,

we then go on a search looking for alternative medicine ways,

and even then, there is still a system set in place, that teaches us that we're the reason we're sick,

and it's not the pathogens we've been infected by the evil pin prick,

no, it's our fault we're told, we're the reason we're sick,

they take no responsibility within the system that's set in place,

to teach us otherwise so we have a fighting chance to heal, and shift us out of our headspace,

you keep on handin us diagnoses, and medical themes,

constantly giving us false hope, with theoretical medical dreams,

and then when they believe they know the reason,

they stamp out a diagnoses as we say, thank you please, and they say, see you next season,

so, I say to you, with all that I know, and all that I live by,

you have the right to heal, live your life, and move forward,

and at the same time, not allowing a part of you to die,

when you've been sick, you're not alone,

from here on out, you're not on your own,

You can get your life back, and take control.

Nothing will stop you NOW, you're on a roll,

we can rise out of the ashes together,

see, I believe in you,

and I know, you can heal.

This item posted: 13-Oct-2020

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