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Mold: The Crazy Maker

It’s an instigator, a relentless antagonizer, 

What seems to be the never-ending crazy maker, 

Because it’s a hider, a hidden mover and shaker, 

What we need is some leverage against this silent perpetrator,

As we’re seeking help, we look for a delegator, 

One to solve the problem, to help us rise above it all, in an elevator, 

There’s no need to be hasty, the last thing you are is lazy, 

But you need a quick defense, one that makes long-term sense, 

You don’t have to keep sitting on the fence, 

Science and research never had any common sense, we need to get you out of the trench, 

A helping hand, to get us out of the mycotoxin quicksand, 

No one understands, how this troublemaker has the power to take down a man,

But only if he doesn’t know, that this toxin doesn’t run the show,

And there is a way to limit its power, hour to hour, so it can never take permanent hold,

It’s not a ruler, it can’t make you be its sidekick forever, there is a way to get it out the door, put your hand up, and say never ever,

You can live life with it, or without it, you don’t have to be afraid of it, 

It can’t crucify you no longer, hold you hostage, till you say uncle, while being held you under water,

You don’t have you bow down to it, until it dispels you, run and hide until it finds you,
Playing games until it reassigns you, it’s a film, but you won’t let it film you,

You can’t use a conventional pill that won’t cure you, 

There’s a way to fight this demon, to not fear it no longer as it’s calling you out for treason, 

You’re not its yes man, it’s not your hit man, without it, you can live again, 

You can use natural means that build within, and make new friends, ones that don’t stab you in the back, twist a knife and pretend, 

Mold has no control over you, it’s not a dark angel, you won’t let it trick you out, in hopes your through, 

You know its angle, no need to marry it, and say, I do,

It’s alright if you don’t know the reason, it’s not the taker of you, you will take it down, kick it while it’s on the ground, till it’s seething,

Just because it’s an invisible entity, it has no power over your mind, there will be serenity, 

There is a way to bring your life back, and not let it take your spiritual sanity, and physical humanity, 

You can rise out of the ashes,

See, I believe in you,

And I know, you can heal.

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