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Fruit Fear: They Lied To You

The spiritual war we are facing,

Both here around us, and above us,

Can only be won if we know the game darkness plays,

And darkness is uncaring of anyone,

And it holds no compassion,

And it despises the light,

The fruit trees, and the brambles, and the fruit vines,

Have given us life throughout the centuries, 

Because they are of the light,

But like anything, and everything,

Darkness trains us to take it all for granted,

And why was Fruit mentioned over 300 times in the bible,

Because it mattered to someone,

And there is a deep connection,

Because fruit is a life giver, not a life taker,

Fruit signifies renewal of life,

As the darkness shuns the fruit,

And evil doers kill the fruit trees overtime,

The angels cry, as the fruit trees die,

Ignorance and greed is a great part of why we are sick,

The ones that are supposed to protect us here on earth,

Only mastermind how to harm us,

And hold us back from what’s rightfully ours,

As we are led the wrong way, regardless of who we are,

Fruit hatred gives us insight that the spiritual war is real,

You can see the signs,

Everyone knows there is corruption in all the industries,

And they are seeing it more than ever before, 

But oddly enough,

No one thinks there is corruption in alternative holistic medicine,

And the alternative health information that goes around,

We think if it’s holistic,

It’s pure and holy, 

No ill intentions at all, 

And for some reason the conventional medicine world,

Released a magical fairy, 

That has allowed the alternative health movement to be creative and do as it pleases,

But that’s impossible,

There are facets of it,

Ruled by the hierarchy overtime, 

As they work on breaking our thoughts and our minds,

So what I leave to you, 

Is the tools to explore,

So you have every opportunity to heal,

It’s everyone’s god given right to have every chance to give their body what it needs,

So you can move forward,

And conquer illness,

And rise out of the ashes. 

See, I believe in you,

And I know, you can heal. 

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