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Medical Medium Living Words

Medical Medium Living Words, from the Medical Medium Podcast:

Eggs: Eaters Lose All

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Eggs: Eaters Lose All

They took a survival food, the innocent egg,

That we relied upon,

Utilized and needed for 100s of years,

And turned this food, the egg, against us without our permission,

Taking something precious, and meaningful that was ours,

And weaponized it,

And raised the very pathogens that are responsible for sickness today,

Without us knowing,

Without us seeing,

And without us getting a chance to stand up for ourselves,

And make a choice, to protect our egg, and be able to decide for ourselves, what is right,

As we walk our path, we want things to be as they are,

not something else, that we know nothing about,

There's a feeling that overcomes us all,

Every time we're in a store, you remember it right? As your grabbing a dozen eggs or more,

There is an emotional attachment as we open the carton hatch,

An automatic button in us, to make sure each one is perfect, and not one of them is cracked,

We learn this from the beginning of our life,

It's part of a deep emotional connection, before we're taught to scramble or fry,

They took a legendary food, surrounded by life-saving glory,

They snatched it away from us all, and created a forever lasting gory,

Leading to sickness of millions of people, but you're not supposed to know the story,

The egg was used to take the breath away of so many who did no wrong,

It caused a historical neurological problem,

And some ended up in the iron lung,

As the innocent people stared at the mirror,

they couldn't go anywhere they were filled with terror,

They no longer could look up and see the church steeple,

Unless they were looking down at the floor in the mirror,

How did this happen, And what was the way,

The truth is, that men in the lab coats opened the egg,

Research and science turned against us overnight and in just one day,

What does it matter, in their eyes it was six of one half dozen, of the other,

And who cared if each of the eggs they opened up, were from a different hen mother,

What they did to us and our eggs, is surreal,

shows us once again that the spiritual war both around us, and above us, is real,

And that darkness runs man and the industries,

and tries to decide how we receive our pain, and our suffering,

But this doesn't have to be our fate,

We have our own free will, to take control over our health,

and not throw it all away because they know nothing,

We can make our own decisions, and choices,

as we learn how to overcome, and beat them at their own game,

and as we battle darkness on our own terms, not their terms, there not the same,

using the tools, and the knowledge, and the inside truth from way above,

We can see the light,

and decide our own outcome,

that can make every difference on your journey searching wellness,

So, I leave to you,

A chance and a choice,

That can bring you to a place of empowerment and peace,

As you bring your health back and rise out of the ashes,

See, I believe in you,

And I know, you can heal.

This item posted: 04-Oct-2020

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