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Coffee, Matcha & Chocolate: Abusive Relationship

It seems so harmless, to have caffeine after supper,

We’ve always been taught, it’s a healthy upper,

But little did we know that the big boys in the industry above, created a god damn monster,

I know these words sound harsh, maybe even extreme, you decide for yourself,

If you want to stay or leave, your caffeine dream,

When you know their secret plan, infusing womenkind with caffeine,

When you find out having a cup of joe, is not as friendly as it seems,

And you finally learn the deeper truth, of the real terrible scheme,

It was meant to conceal and hide, the medical industries pathogen crimes,

Of infecting the population with metals and viruses,

To make sure that sick women file in, and spend all their dimes,

Too many people were losing it,

Their brains weren’t working, and with work they couldn’t commit,

It was getting worse by the minute,

As more and more women, and even some men got sick,

You wake up in the morning with a foggy head, kind of tired, sluggish, unmotivated,

Sometimes feeling half dead.

Too many people were feeling this way,

And it only got worse, as the years gone by, so they said,

And for some people they felt this way every day, their legs felt like lead,

The bugs that were released by medical treatments,

Caused people to get so sick, that even some deceased,

Can you believe them?

The plan was working better than expected,

Keeping people sick, was preempted,

The medical industry always knew caffeine was a drug,

It was the only way premeds with brain fog,

Could get through school, and keep up with all the hub-bub,

The plan was to use it in a devious way, not for good, but for bad, so it forever stays,

They weaponized it, showing us the spiritual war will never quit,

The light against dark battle, until one of them submits,

When you open your eyes, you can go to the next phase,

If you close your eyes, they unknowingly keep you in a daze,

Caffeine has quickened the age of so many,

They hook as many people as they can, early in life,

And in time, shortened the breath of plenty,

It was popularized all these years,

To hide the pain and symptoms that women were battling,

That caused a lot of tears,

The caffeine monster takes control over our lives,

Owning our souls, while blinding our eyes,

Numbing us up, running our minds, at the same time, helping us focus,

And then it wears off, back to the caffeine feeding trough,

The more people with symptoms could not function,

And would start to give up,

So, in everyone’s life the time comes for a larger cup,

And for many people, eventually your taste moves up,

You move to that tinier cup,

The hit is so strong, you quickly gain steam,

From the wonderment of the espresso dream,

The high can feel so good, from the beloved caffeine,

Floating on a cloud, your energy peaks, your voice gets loud,

Until it’s time to fall asleep,
That’s when caffeine can become a nightmare,

The addiction runs so deep,

It’s not easy to escape it now, as it turns people into fiends,

I know it seems so innocent,

But there was a bigger plan that was supposed to be so consistent,

Caffeine was so addictive, no one put up any resistance,

Getting off of it is almost impossible, takes a lot of assistance,

As the evil doer’s put the plan in place,

To drug everyone they can, along with women and their friends,

By teaching them caffeine is something good to taste,

Especially when a gathering ends,

The agenda was to control people’s minds,

So they lose track of how they feel, make them caffeine blind,

They train us to raise our cup when we’re feeling spacey,

Lower our cup when we’re feeling fine,

Sometimes it depends on if our heart gets too racy,

For some people depending on the intake, they get anxiety crazy.

I understand, part of you wants to be on this train,

You never want to leave caffeine, you never want to feel the drain,

I know it’s hard to hear these words, this whole time, caffeine was just a game,

A game where you were used by others,

They don’t care, if you even have a name,

It’s about having control over you, and not letting you have a say,

To them you’re just another number,

They’re hoping you consume caffeine until your final slumber,

But there comes a time in our life,

It’s time to get off this addictive train,

It’s time to move forward on your own,

Feel the sun on your face,

And to know when enough is enough,

The industries of darkness are to blame,

As a messenger, I leave to you, always another way,

To protect your soul, and take control over your life,

And not let evil rob you, of your spiritual health and physical days,

You can rise out of the ashes,

See, I believe in you,

And I know, you can heal.

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