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Chemtrails Spiritual War

Chemtrails are a part of the spiritual war that’s going on around us, and above us,

Mercury, is part of that spiritual war that’s going around us, 

The caffeine industry, is part of that spiritual war that’s going on around us,

So many pieces of the puzzle that show us there’s good versus evil,

And how evil looks for ways to control people,

And then keeps them controlled, and then gets them sick,

And has thirst to keep them sick forever if possible,

And then wants them relying on everything, they just don’t really need,

Darkness never wants our eyes open and see,

What’s in the sky and above the trees,

It would rather have us unknowing it’s time, 

And then bring us to our knees,

They keep us busy down here, distracted, some are bored,

They want us to lose ourselves in our minds,

while all the bad around us keeps getting ignored,

There is hope, when you’re empowered though,

You have the truth on your side, and the knowledge, 

and you support your body with what it needs,

and you understand your body, as it cries for help, and asks you please,   

When you’re on the same page with your body, then you’re in the game,

See, that’s what matters, in order to let the good things in life remain,

When you have the tools, and you apply them right,

You are unstoppable against evil, and you’re gaining all the insight,

Because as they drop the stuff down on us, you can laugh at it, as it’s comin ondown,

It’s not going to get in your way, because you’re taking care of yourself now,

You can say, 

I’m in control of my life, 

I got the wisdom and the deep spiritual insight,

I have control over my well-being,

You’re not going to take control over me,

See, I can live my life, the way I want to be,

And keep from getting sick, and recover if I’ve been sickened, if need be,

I’m not blind when I look up at the sky, 

The wool is not over my eyes anymore,

I can see past the horizon, 

I can see past the madness,

I can see past the smoke, 

And see past the fog, 

I can use my own free will to determine, where life is gonna go for me,

I can fight to be free, and heal my body,

And see the path, and where it’s going for me,

Remember this, your body has the power to heal,

And can override through thick and thin,

And our bodies fight for us, 

As we acknowledge and validate our bodies fight along the way,

Then nothing can get in the way,

See, I believe in you, 

And I know, you can heal.

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